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In my dreams I can feel your touch,
your lips softly caress mine.
Your fingers paint my skin.
Our souls become one for a time.

Running my fingers through your thick hair,
Gazing into those sexy eyes,
I see how you look at me,
No more covers, no more lies.

Lying naked before you,
You see me as I am.
I can feel your breath on my back,
Loving me the way only you can.

You’ve taken my breath away.
I still try to hold you.
Sweat glistens on our bodies.
In my dreams wishes come true.

Anastacia Hess, August 23,2006


She walks in my dreams.
She glides in my mind.
She has awakened my lustful hunger,
With such grace and beauty sublime

I’m trapped in this prison,
these cold, dark walls are closing in.
I need to break free of these chains.
and bring forth these desires burning deep within.

She is my desire
I am her slave.
For only she can set me free,
from the desires she creates as I lay.

Anastacia Hess