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Her Lover gave her roses,the color was white as snow.
As he headed off to battle,when he’d return he did not know.
She set them in a vase,
with love and tender care.
She stroked and kissed them upon each night,
as she said a silent prayer.

The morn came riding on a black steed as cold as death.
She stood there in a gaze as the world around her blurred
As the parchment was delivered,she couldn’t find her breath.
Her nightmares became reality as she read the dreaded words.

The oh so heavy burden became too much for her to bare.
“Why have you forsaken me? Why not keep him safe?”
She fell down on her knees raising her fists in the air.
“Why not shelter him from the storm and every swinging mace?’

She did not know how she got there,in front of her true love’s gift.
“I will love you forever”, she vowed to her love so true.
One single white rose,to her tear stained cheek she did lift.
Another tear rained down through her sorrow and turned that rose to blue.



Daughter of the night they called her,
Wearing flowing tresses of midnight.
Her gown was white, a color so pure.
To cover up her evil bite.

Claiming the World of Dreams as her own.
Ruling over other people’s dreams.
Being the most beautiful was all that was shown,
Because her evil within could not be seen.

She dowsed herself with moons and stars.
Her waist was accented with a woven silver belt.
Underneath all the beauty no one ever saw the scars.
Fear was something she never felt.

Lanfear was her name.
Walking in the realm of dreams.
It will never be the same.
Things will never be what they seem.

Anastacia © October 10, 2002


I want to be your sunshine

but I am your rain

I want to be your comfort.

but I am your pain.


I want to be your laughter

but I am your tears.

I want to be your courage

but I am your fears.


I want to be your hope.

but I am your despair.

I want you to love me

but all you can do is care.


I want to be your everything,

as you are to me.

I want to be the water you drink,

and the air that you breathe.


I want to be your everything.


Anastacia Hess,  Sept  30, 2006

In my dreams I can feel your touch,
your lips softly caress mine.
Your fingers paint my skin.
Our souls become one for a time.

Running my fingers through your thick hair,
Gazing into those sexy eyes,
I see how you look at me,
No more covers, no more lies.

Lying naked before you,
You see me as I am.
I can feel your breath on my back,
Loving me the way only you can.

You’ve taken my breath away.
I still try to hold you.
Sweat glistens on our bodies.
In my dreams wishes come true.

Anastacia Hess, August 23,2006

She walks in my dreams.
She glides in my mind.
She has awakened my lustful hunger,
With such grace and beauty sublime

I’m trapped in this prison,
these cold, dark walls are closing in.
I need to break free of these chains.
and bring forth these desires burning deep within.

She is my desire
I am her slave.
For only she can set me free,
from the desires she creates as I lay.

Anastacia Hess