Hello. It is nice to make your acquaintance. Come, take a seat, tell me all about yourself. I just love meeting new people.

My name is Anastacia. I know not what I will be using this site for as of yet. It may just be for venting or just sharing when I have something to say. My original idea was to share my poetry but I would not want my words to flow falsely from someone else’s pen or someone else’s lips. I take great pride in my writing, it flows from deep within. My thoughts and observations are rather personal when I write so please respect my copyrighted work when I choose to share it.

I believe in equality for everyone. I do not tolerate hate from anyone, anywhere. I welcome your messages as long as you keep the peace. If something about what I have said or anything else that I have put upon this page, distresses you, then I implore you to exit. I will not push my beliefs on you nor will I censure my thoughts and feelings. I will be respectful to all and I would appreciate the same goodwill in return.