Her Lover gave her roses,the color was white as snow.
As he headed off to battle,when he’d return he did not know.
She set them in a vase,
with love and tender care.
She stroked and kissed them upon each night,
as she said a silent prayer.

The morn came riding on a black steed as cold as death.
She stood there in a gaze as the world around her blurred
As the parchment was delivered,she couldn’t find her breath.
Her nightmares became reality as she read the dreaded words.

The oh so heavy burden became too much for her to bare.
“Why have you forsaken me? Why not keep him safe?”
She fell down on her knees raising her fists in the air.
“Why not shelter him from the storm and every swinging mace?’

She did not know how she got there,in front of her true love’s gift.
“I will love you forever”, she vowed to her love so true.
One single white rose,to her tear stained cheek she did lift.
Another tear rained down through her sorrow and turned that rose to blue.